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"My little boy was a preemie of 21 weeks, and the poor little soul did not make it. I was not able to hold him which kept me from properly grieving. After over a quarter of a century the pain lingered, resurfacing when I realized my two other wonderful children were growing up and moving away from me.

When I saw the website for these beautiful dolls, I knew that is what I needed was a one of these keepsake dolls for my very own. I couldn’t resist ordering one and contacted Wee Bundles right away.

It was my first time ordering a product I had seen on the internet, so I was a little nervous, but Heidi was so kind and so understanding that I felt at ease during the entire ordering process. I understand that shipping things across the border from the US to Canada might be grueling, but Heidi did a sterling job and my “wee bundle” arrived AOK

I fell in love with my new little doll. He is just precious. I was very impressed with the professional craftsmanship and care that went into making this doll and the way it “feels right” when I hold it. Unlike plump, stiff plastic baby dolls this doll lies down like a newborn and has a very realistic newborn feel.

As preemies are so very thin and tiny, making a doll of them cannot be easy, but Heidi has turned it into an art form. It feels so warm inside to hold and hug a doll like this and I feel a real sense of healing

Wee Bundles is a true blessing and I would recommend it to anybody with a little one they need to honor with a keepsake. Many heartfelt thanks!"

--Canadian Customer - Mom to 21 week old preemie

"I wanted a chance to thank you Heidi again for helping me with my plea to have a preemie doll to use for car seat fittings and classes to educate nurses and parents on how to put their very tiny baby in a car seat or car bed. I can't tell you how helpful the doll has been! It's fabulous. Your doll is very life like, and that has helped many people understand the huge issues we have securing these special children.

They are going home smaller and smaller Heidi. In fact, I am in need of a doll even smaller to represent more of an approximate 3.5 # baby.

Again, I can't thank you enough for your help. You will never know how much the doll has potentially impacted transportation safety for our premature babies. It is very eye opening to see the doll.

Bless You! I hope this finds you with a great holiday week!"

--Ann King RN, Safe Kids Tri-Cities, safekids@sfmc-gi.org

"I received my doll and can't tell you how thrilled I am with it. It's so hard to believe that our Little Princess was ever that small. She was born at 28 w 6 d and weighed 2 lbs. 3.6 oz. She now weighs 9 lbs. 13 oz. People that didn't see her in the hospital failed to understand just how small she was. When I look at those first pictures, I am amazed at how far she's come. These preemie babies are fighters! With this wonderful doll I can really see how far she's come! These dolls, in my humble opinion, are priceless. Thank you so very much!"

--Tricia - Preemie mom from Texas

"Absolutely gorgeous doll! Exactly as ordered! Super fast arrival! Highly recommended!"
--Jyll from Virginia - Mommy to 29 week preemie

"Dear Heidi,
My friend gave me a doll you made to represent my daughter as she looked when she was born, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you put into my doll. It is obvious you put a lot of love and care into these dolls, and getting one was probably one of the most special and emotional presents I have ever received.

A lot of people don't appreciate how hard our babies had to fight, so when they hear "she was born at 28 weeks" they don't have a concept of what that really means. Even my daughter might not have a full understanding of it when she becomes old enough to hear the story, but having the doll brings so many things into perspective. She is eleven months old now and has outgrown having her age adjusted, but it was a long, difficult road to get her to this point. Holding your doll left my husband and I in stunned silence, not only remembering all the sleepless nights we spent worrying over our little girl, but also the miracles that took place in the weeks and months after she was born. I think every preemie mom should have one of your dolls.

Thank you again for such a beautiful rendition of her. Your doll will be something our family will always cherish."

--Charity - Mom to 28 week preemie, 2lbs. 8oz.

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